Mr. Man


It’s Valentine’s day and i’m seated on my bed as I enjoy the variety of chocolate I have thanks to mum getting me some of that imported peanut butter chocolate and the forest fruit and nut one plus the milky velvety bar as well that Mr. Man bought me yester night.

About last night; let’s just say it was one of those nights I will not be forgetting. We met up for early dinner and he took me to some good high end restaurant where I had the most sumptuous pork ribs I have ever had! The meal was accompanied by some good conversation and I couldn’t help being impressed by how much he’d changed from the last time we met 4 years ago. He’d grown from the young shy guy I met that day to the man that was sitting before me. He’d become a bit more confident, his voice even deeper and more sonorous than before, his cologne made him irrestible and actually looked quite good. He turned out to be a real gentleman opening doors for me and all.

After dinner we decided to go play Foosball where he’d beat me and I would hopefully beat him at bowling. Unfortunately that place had been closed for re-innovation and our movie plan didn’t work since we couldn’t find a cinema that was showing what we wanted. Eventually we went to have ice cream while enjoying more conversation and afterwards did some shopping where he got me the chocolates. He dropped me back to my place and I invited him in for coffee and just to hang out. We stayed up till almost 5a.m when he left since he had a very long journey starting at 10a.m.

To say that I haven’t been thinking about him would be the biggest lie. He keeps popping in my thoughts and I can’t help wondering why he only has one more week around before he leaves the country. I want more time to re-discover who he truly is and see the older him better. I’m glad we made all the plans for another movie, camping if all goes well and whatever else comes up. The sad bit is that I don’t think he realises how I’m starting to like him; he still thinks I’m waiting for some other man who is meant to be better than him. I hope he sees it soon enough and becomes bold enough to make a move.

I think dating Mr. Man guy wouldn’t be too bad an idea despite the fact that he doesn’t meet my spirituality standard. He fears God and is principled; I think that is a good starting point. Plus being a lieutenant is an added advantage; if army men like him exist then maybe it’s time to put prejudice aside and see how things go.


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