Phenomenal Man

Life And Things Between

From Delina Cummings’ Poetry Diary





Show me a phenomenal man! Who is he?

How is his face, his manner, his thoughts?

From whence cometh he, and wherest doeth he go?

Is he as imagined? Is he real?

Like the phenomenal woman,

There exists the phenomenal man,

Face so fair to look upon,

The dream of every conscience woman,

That phenomenal man.

His manner bedazzles her,

No other man can be like him, even if he tries,

Thoughts in him are honorable, his intentions pure,

He is girded with compassion, refined with loyalty,

That phenomenal man.

Faithfulness, dependability, trustworthiness,

Allegiance, chivalry, and grace,

Strength, intelligence and humility,

Are the cornerstones of his being,

That phenomenal man.

From the blessed womb that carried him,

To the arms of the heart that captures him,

Passionate about the touch of that gentle flower,

He’s conscious of its tender petals,


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5 thoughts on “Phenomenal Man

      • Thank you. I wrote it because men are often overlooked in current times especially since women’s independence make women feel a man isn’t needed. There are wonderful men out there.

        I also love your writing style. The candor sucks me in.

        I have another interesting blog Life, Love & Inspiration and Facebook

        Feel free to stay in touch.

        Sending you love and e-hugs.



        • Just checked out your other blog and it is absolutely beautiful and full of nuggets of wisdom! I especially like the one talking about how only in a relationship with God can we find sustained happiness, joy and peace… Also liked your facebook page, it’s equally good. Keep writing and keep being used as an inspiration; we need more Godly women teaching and influencing people with the right values… and thank you again, your comment inspires me to do more posts 🙂


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