Wandering heart…


You stand by watching me daily

Run around after crumbs of affection

All the while you’re holding eternal supply

Of a love so deep that I cannot fathom

You watch me struggle with scattered pebbles

Too busy collecting them yet you hold the diamonds;

That stone of priceless treasure I seek for.


You see my heart pining after Peter and John

Yet all I need is the Man you are

I try too hard to get their attention

While all your attention is fixed on me

You weep as you see my cry in my bed

Because Peter and John wouldn’t look at me twice;

Tears keep me from seeing how you can’t take your eyes off me.


Too blinded by lust after mere mortal men

To see unconditional love by the Son of man

I’m walking around seeking arms to hold me

Not realising your arms are longing to embrace me


Why do I chase after men, thirsting for affection

While you chase after me with flowing rivers of love?


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