Slam that door!


So the past came knocking again and guess who opened the door… me! I should have known better, if history is anything to go by, but I still let my past in. You see, there is enough I would rather remains right where it was because I want to believe I am different now and far better than who I used to be.

Have you ever failed at something over and over knowing fully well that it was mainly your fault? If you have, then you have an inkling of what I feel. I keep moving several steps ahead but all it takes is one or two missed steps to get me crumbling down. I can’t stand the feeling that follows: that feeling that maybe you’re never going to be good enough or that no matter how great things turn out, YOU will always find a way to mess it up. I can hear the voices speaking very clearly in my head that I’m going to be that girl who had such great potential but never made it because she didn’t have it in her to make it through.

I honestly want to break down and cry my heart out but truth be told, what good will that achieve? I have listened to those voices for too long and it always leads me to tears, despair and depression. I am tired of all those voices because they’re all liars! You see, I’m not just anybody, I am a child of the most High King; the Creator of the entire universe! If He made me then who better to listen to concerning my life.

This is what my Maker says; that I am victor not victim, I will not be defeated by circumstances because I am more than a conqueror. He says that greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world so I am greater than any circumstance, failure or obstacle in this life. He tells me that I am created in His own image and likeness; I am just like the Almighty God who rules over everything and has all power and authority. He says that since I accepted Him as Lord over my life, I am a new creation; I may feel the same and probably look like the same old me but I totally am brand new! That simply means that anything I hear about me that isn’t according to what He says… is an absolute lie!!!

I choose to quit listening to lies from he who came to steal, kill and destroy. I may not feel great but I am not who I was…

I hope you decide to do the same; slam that door on your past because it has nothing new to tell you! Mute all those lying voices and tune to the Voice that speaks the truth about you. You may not be where you are supposed to be but you are definitely not where you used to be! 🙂


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