Have you ever found yourself in a je ne sais quoi situation or having a problem that doesn’t exactly fit in the usual categories? It may seem like a common thing but somehow your circumstances do not fit in the usual boxes. That is precisely where I am at now.

So I think I have a crush (yes, I just got reminded that I am human) but it’s not exactly the usual teenage like crushes. I decided to check up articles or blogs on the internet which have advice on godly ways to deal with crushes (more like getting rid of them)
Unfortunately 90% of what I found didn’t exactly help. Most talk of those interesting or not so interesting teenage-like crushes we all get at some point. The problem is that mine doesn’t fit in that bracket.

Well I met a guy who is crazy about God and walks in a deep relationship with Christ and at some point just thought in passing how he’d make a good partner. Unfortunately or fortunately I got to spend some little time with him and I think subconsciously I started to like him (his good looks didn’t make it any easier)

You see that whole “absence makes the heart grow fonder” concept, might probably be true because at some point I found myself waiting to hear from him while we were apart. So far it all sounds like your everyday embodiment of a crush but just wait.

The thing is; it doesn’t feel like a crush, I am not interested in pursuing it, I don’t want to think of whether it’s a mutual crush or not and I definitely do not want to start figuring out what this whole thing is. I may sound blunt but at times purposing to walk in purity demands such. I do not trust my heart now and I know I am recovering from a spirit of lust. Therefore, I choose to guard my heart and his. I do not want to dwell on a blossoming crush that may lead me to giving a piece of my heart to either wrong guy or the right guy but at the wrong time.
I really want him to uphold the purity he is walking in now since I know where God got him from and I would not want to either hurt him eventually or be the reason he gets tempted to stray.

I still haven’t found any advice on the internet that deals with my case exactly so I choose to accept it as a sui generis case that still remains uncategorised!