Of Painful Goodbyes and Sweet Afters

Guess whose birthday it is today… Mr Man’s (my ex, for those who haven’t read my early posts). Today memories came flooding and I realised how big a day it would have been for us. Our first anniversary would have been a month ago and I’m sure we’d have celebrated it all through the weekend (yeah, I make such big deals of any birthday of anyone I treasure.)

So yes, I’ve been reminiscing on exactly what I gave up and I must admit, it felt quite alluring. A year ago I had to choose between God and my unsaved albeit godly-ish boyfriend. It was one of the hardest things I had to do because I felt I’d found security, love, stability, the exact kind of man I’d always wanted and most of all, a man I couldn’t control (the little joys of dating a Lieutenant.) Things seemed very beautiful and I temporarily blocked every reason I knew as to why I shouldn’t be unequally yoked.

However, hard as it was, that break up turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because I can’t even count the things that have happened to me spiritually since then. My life took a whole turn and in one year I’ve grown far more than I had in the 15 years I’d been saved! That’s when I realised how God at times calls us to make huge sacrifices since He knows the rewards are better than anything you can ask or imagine.

At that point, all I knew was that he wasn’t saved and God hadn’t allowed it. Months later things about him that weren’t right started being revealed. That’s when I got to see just how much trouble and pain God saved me from. Right now, I still don’t have the entire picture but I’ve gotten to the point where when God tells me to get outta something or keep away from someone, I obey because I trust that He knows best.

Think about your life; what needs to go that you still have a hard time letting go of? It could be a habit, a person, a job, an object or whatever you feel convicted of. You may not fully understand why you need to let go but trust God because He can see everything that you can’t and He’s got your best interest at heart.