Ready or Not?… Maybe or Not

Have you ever felt very ready for something then suddenly you realise you aren’t? That’s where I am at currently.

For a while now I have probably become the biggest Early Marriage campaigner. It makes a lot of sense: the later you postpone marriage, the longer you struggle with sexual temptations and the harder it might be to compromise when it comes to your finances or dreams.

Anyway, that’s not the point now. The point is that I am starting to freak out. I suddenly have a long list of things I want to do before I settle down: I have oceans to cross, foreign cuisine to go try out, a house to acquire and enjoy living alone for a while, places to go volunteering and all sorts of people to help.

So yes, those sound like some pretty lame or selfish excuses but I think I’m having pre-wedding jitters. The only thing difference is that in my case there’s no fiance (or even boyfriend) in sight.

I guess all there is, is a case of a troubled and anxious heart. Best remedy for that is simply to surrender everything to my Heavenly Daddy; He has a way of calming fears and giving peace beyond anything we know.


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