Emotional Entanglement

Yesterday I spent 5 hours and 30 minutes on a phone call with a guy. I must admit, it had a been a loooong while since I had one of those (last one was the 6 and a half hour call when I was in my first year in Campus).

There’s something about very long conversations, they tend to get your emotions hooked. Most emotional affairs start with a simple how are you and a person willing to listen. I learnt the dangers of emotional intimacy the hard way and it wasn’t pretty! That’s why this time round I have tried all I can to ensure I don’t end up in that place.

It’s easy to argue that my long phone call was about business and turned to fellowship, learning and simply sharing… but I also know how easy it is for me to make him my confidante, my go-to guy and a source of my joy. When you’ve been through a season of isolation, whoever becomes available for you to talk to most of the opposite sex, can easily be the one you get emotionally entangled with.

I made a prayer (a dangerous one, I think) a while back asking God to keep guys away from me for some time so that when it comes to knowing who my future husband, I wouldn’t be confused since I’d probably have only one guy who I’m great friends with.
The risky thing about that is where any guy starts talking to you a lot, getting hooked emotionally is a high probability.

So, as much as it’s refreshing to talk to a mature, intelligent and funny guy like him; I have to guard my heart actively and if need be, cut down communication with him.


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