The Beauty of Rock Bottom

Every once in a while, I hit rock bottom. It usually starts with something(s) triggering it then I start to feel like I’m sinking into a depression. While sinking, it usually occurs to me just how many things aren’t going right or how I really blew it this time. It goes for a few days then I’ll hit rock bottom.

That’s where everything turns around. I feel tired of all the negative feelings and decide that something has to change. I realise I can’t change what already happened but I can dust myself and move on. I decide I am not defined by all the failure, mistakes or disappointment. I get new strength and hope; I rise up far stronger than I ever was and I’m recharged to deal with whatever comes my way. At that moment I pull down mountains and slay all the giants that intimidated me.

With time, I learnt that hitting rock bottom is actually a good thing since it helps you put things in perspective and turn tables around.

Yesterday I felt that trigger and knew I was going to start sinking really bad soon enough. So I decide to create my own rock bottom without all the tears and negative emotions. Today, I hit rock bottom and in a few minutes rose up far higher than before.

I thank God for the beauty of rock bottoms


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