Dear Lord

Is it okay for me to not be okay?
Am I allowed to simply be weak at times
And just drown in my tears?

Can I be exempted tonight?
Or must I get on my knees and do my daily prayers
Lest the enemy catches me off guard?
Would you still protect me
Even when I was too broken to pray?

I know I’m not in I.C.U in hospital,
Or in a position where prayer was impossible
But just for tonight,
Could I be your little girl wounded
Who just needs your arms wrapped around her?

I need to know that my performance daily
Isn’t what sustains my life.
I’m not trying to test you Lord,
But tonight I need to see protection,
Even when I failed to take due diligence

So Lord please,
Just hold me tight tonight.
Let me cry till I fall asleep
Then wake me up filled with your peace


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