Castles in the Air

You meet this guy, he catches your attention initially but that’s all. He has elements that got you to notice him, however, nothing particularly captivating. He got your attention but had nothing exceptional to keep you glued.

You meet again, this time you’re taken aback by something about him you hadn’t noticed before. He’s well dressed and acts like a gentleman. He has a slight touch of pizzazz without him realising it or trying to. Suddenly, you’re captivated.

He leaves and you’re thinking how you’re definitely in trouble because this guy has your heart fluttering. He’s mostly a macho man; strong, knows how to take charge and has such an air of authority. You’re impressed because those attributes in a man are very attractive. At the same time he has this side of him that seems quite caring and concerned. What a beautiful balance!

You forget that it’s only been two meetings and a few conversations on phone. You feel you know him well enough and he qualifies to be the custodian of your heart.

The thing is, you’re falling in love with the concept of him that you’ve created in your head. It’s very dangerous to fall for or date a concept because when reality hits a few weeks or days later, you’ll be heartbroken or stuck in a relationship you desperately want to leave.

We get carried away easily by people we get interested in especially after we assume we know the kind of people they are. We build castles in the air and create fairy tales of how life would be like with the person but the thing about castles in the air is that they come crashing down when hit by reality.

So my advice to you (and to myself) is this; take things a little slow sweetheart. I know your heart can’t stop beating and the butterflies in your tummy that come whenever you think of him, seem to have made their abode permanently inside of you. But pause, take a good look at reality and give it plenty of time.

Most of all, ask God to help you guard your heart. He’s such a great Daddy and wouldn’t mind walking you through this.


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