Let’s be Less More and More Less

There’s this song by Sho Baraka called ‘We Can Be More’. It’s one of those songs that has lyrics that can make a girl swoon! I had this secret desire to hear similar words from someone special until I figured my special somebody might not know how to drop lines like those in case he turns out to be the intellectual dude or maybe computer geek I expect.

Let me give you a sneak peek of what I’m blubbering about:

“Girl you know you got my heart
And you know I love you so much
This is more than lust
You and I can become us
We’ve known each other for a while
And I know you say we just friends, but
We can be more, lady we can be more…”

Tell me which girl wouldn’t be floored by such lyrics from such a gentleman who admits his past as a player, his reformation and your place in that storyline??

I’m not here to dwell on how ‘we can be more’ but on the exact opposite. You see beautiful lyrics like those and countless ‘how we met’ stories leave too many Christian ladies infatuated with the idea of that special mister.

So when this nice Christian dude comes your way, you start pushing the poor guy to be more yet all he probably wanted was a pure platonic friendship! You want him to be the fulfilment of your dreams and the one who’ll speak words that take your breath away and make you feel like the queen of all queens.

The danger in that is that we get so caught up in what might be that we miss out on the present. We want to rush through the process and even when we’re busy saying how ‘Single, Saved and Satisfied’ we are, in reality we’re simply physically single but mentally and emotionally dating whichever guy is in your life that looks like they’d make a good partner.

When you’re that emotionally preoccupied, how will you even be available when your special somebody comes along?
Let’s cease trying to be more with every other guy and try the ‘less’ route where beautiful friendship thrives without unrealistic expectations or unbearable pressure on the nice Christian guys around us.


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