Your Brother’s Keeper

You have this person who’s taking your head to the clouds and you have no idea how to land back to earth or you actually don’t want to.

Conversations are priceless, just like the moments spent together. At times it’s in the words but even silence and held gazes speak quite loudly. That cliche about time flying, for you is reality. There never seems to be enough of those minutes or hours.

Lingering becomes something that attaches itself to every simple contact. A hug that lingers a little longer each day and excuses for the slightest touch are found; a playful punch and conversations where your hands keep attempting to speak more than your words.

You’re friends but things look like they might soon threaten to be out of control. Your head is still spinning fast when you remember the words ‘my brother’s keeper’. You want to do that; it’s the right thing to do, but your heart and emotions don’t make it easy.

You realise you have some responsibility towards his managing to walk in purity. You’re not supposed to make it harder for him. You have to slow down. Instant gratification comes with future consequences that might be his undoing and yours too. It’s selfish of you to want to get what your heart wants now, not considering what that would do to him and his progress this far. He’s made major strides in walking right before God, this might make everything crumble.

So you choose to be your brother’s keeper in spite of the pain you’ll feel while killing flesh and starving desires. You continue praying for him as you usually do because you know how great a Destiny awaits him. You’ll go on being his friend and support him because in the end, it’s all worth it.


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