Bum! Brrum! Brrrumble!!!!

Life is a dance and I am a dancer.
Dancing to my own rhythm has always been my preference
But life taught me otherwise

I didn’t like dancing to the rhythm of life like everyone
I believed I could create my own tunes
Tunes that resounded with who I was
The real me deep inside

But life dealt me hard blows
Made me subject to its own rhythm
Showed me the futility of my own tunes

So now I have learnt to tango
I only move according to the rhythm
Of each dancer I meet
I go according to their pace
Since mine own somehow leads to discord
Which ends up in pain and disappointment

It’s a sad affair this thing
It’s not my wish
But what can I do?
My heart is weary
So I’ll simply join the rhythm existing
The rhythm of life


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