Presumably Wrong

A few minutes ago I walked out to go buy food from a Supermarket around. When I arrived there I found a certain lady was the one serving the meals. You see, I’d met this lady before and I wasn’t too excited to see her again. Our encounter had to do with me buying pilau and asking for plenty of meat as I’m used to but she curtly refused. I was 100% sure the same would happen today.

She went ahead to gladly serve a guy who’d come after me and I wasn’t amused. I figured she was being nice since he was a guy (a good looking one) and I was standing there waiting for the worst service. Surprisingly, she was courteous and even served me enough meat. I was embarrassed for judging her too harshly and a tad too soon.

On my way back, I was hesitant to use the same route I’d used earlier since it has a lot of men. I was sure they’d see me and retort “girls these days!” or something about how these days ladies are lazy or are too independent to be homemakers. How they’d look at me with contempt in their eyes and place labels on me.

I thought of how I could explain to them how I usually love cooking and even comment on how many people I even invite for meals. How I look forward to my own home where I’d enjoy cooking for my family. Most of all, how I actually ran out of gas and had no option but to get takeout. Lack of gas was the main reason I was out looking for food.

Then I remembered that I don’t owe them an explanation because they have no business prying into my own affairs. The same way they had no right to judge me; I had none, in judging the lady who served me.

How many times do we look at people and make assumptions? We uphold stereotypes and quickly make conclusions. Do you ever think about those people and the reasons why they are or act the way they are?

Try extend a little grace and a little love. Choose to think the best of people and most of all, simply mind your own business and let others be.

Lotsa love from me to you!


The Wandering Quiet-Timer

If you are anything like me, then Quiet Time (QT) isn’t always easy and neither does it happen naturally. That discipline of setting aside some time daily just to spend with God is one that wasn’t wired in me.

Tonight, I needed to have my QT but boy oh boy! It started with postponing the time then using the excuse that I really needed to talk to some dear ladies before I could sit down and focus. 2 hours later, I was in bed sleepy but because I hadn’t done my bible reading, I forced myself to do so.

After that, it started going south at a very fast pace. I sat up and started staring at anything while trying to figure out how to start praying. I tried closing my eyes to focus but sleep started creeping in.

Music playing in the background became a distraction. I managed to start uttering some words when suddenly I had this brilliant idea to write this post. The more I tried praying, the more I got distracted by great inspiration on the exact words to use. But I still kept praying.

Suddenly my head and neck decided to boycott my QT as well. My neck started straining under the weight of my head. This I’m sure was a deliberate action by my head so that I’d get a good excuse to lay it down on the pillow. After battling distractions from ideas for this post and the temptation to relieve my neck by lying down; I finally yielded.

So now I’m lying in bed and busy typing this post. My eyes are heavy and my eyelids have this attraction to each other. Bottom line is; this was a bad idea.

A few tips I’ve learnt: during QT, set a specific time and stick to it. Pick a venue where distractions will be minimal. Don’t allocate time when you’ll probably be too tired to finish. Worship music helps set the mood and keep your mind focused.

Most of all, ask God for help. He is excited about spending time with you and will gladly assist you. Instead of focusing on forcing yourself to be disciplined to have QT consistently, ask God for a desire and a great hunger for Him; desire will motivate you even where discipline fails. Enjoy it, don’t make it a mere routine. Turn it into a daily date with your King, your Lover, your Father and your friend. Ask Him to make it adventurous and you’ll truly delight in every minute spent with Him!

Who am I?

Previously, I was busy building castles in the air around your identity but I have to say that before your identity becomes a thing to fathom, I must understand me first.
You see, for two people to come together, each must be a complete entity with a figured out identity (or at least partial knowledge of the identity). I have to know who I am before I can let you discover the same. If I don’t, then I’ll drag you through a roller coaster that will leave you confused and it won’t be fair on you.
Moreover, my Daddy (God) would want me to first figure out who I am in Him because that simply reveals what I need to know about myself.
I can easily lose myself in you as I get carried away by everything you’ll be and in my pursuit to be a suitable helpmeet, forget about who I am. So you see, this in our best interest.

I’m just from trying to explain who I am on my instagram bio and after failing to come up with the most suitable description, I simply copy-pasted what is written on my Facebook account (not exactly the best move for a lover of words).
Here’s what I found summarised:
Daughter of the most High King of kings… Lover of life, colour, beauty
and everything nice… Warrior Princess and bride… Gentle lady, tenacious woman… Loved by the King, adored by His Son… Redeemed.

That should make it fairly easy for you (wink)… Lol, I’m kidding! I’m wonderfully complex as you’ll discover (psalm 139:14 backs me on that one). I’ll be easy to learn but still mysterious; you’ll have the rest of your life to figure that out.
Most of all, we share a Father who’ll gladly teach you about me as you ask Him. I’m His precious jewel, still getting refined. Currently, I’m lost in His love but if you seek Him, you’ll find me.

Lotsa love from me to you!

Who are you?

I am here sitting in a car and for some reason I started thinking about you. I know how abstract you seem right now but I can’t help wondering.

Are you a writer who will captivate me with what your pen spews or simply a wordsmith who will have me glued? At times I suspect you are an artiste; wouldn’t it be beautiful listening to your voice emitting melodies.

I still wonder if you’re an intellectual, your mind would be something I’d enjoy picking and I’d be fascinated by the way you’ll be connecting with mine.

Perchance you’re an avid reader who will impress me by the knowledge you’ve garnered. We’ll have fun exchanging information and inspiring each other.

You might come already refined or still in the process. However, if you come in need of a lot of moulding, God will give me wisdom to know my role in helping you become who you really ought to be.

I am still not sure if you’re Kenyan or the foreign guy I’ve been not-so-secretly hoping for. You could be Zambian or Mozambican or if by whatever chance you turn out to be the Black Brit or simply with the British accent; I definitely wouldn’t mind.

All in all, I know you’ll truly love God and have a relationship with Him. You’ll be wise and a leader in whatever capacity. You’ll be good; not because of the traits you carry but because of who is inside of you. As long as God’s in you and you in Him, you’ll be everything I need.

It’s the Little Things

It’s past midnight but I’m bubbling with excitement! I’ve just finished repainting my seat and it feels great. Not just because it’s something I’ve been planning to do for weeks but also because it brought such a feeling of accomplishment that I can’t even explain.

I really wanted to share that moment with someone but I realised the futility of that desire; most people won’t get it.

My neighbour has no idea why I’d think of painting my own furniture, his advice was that I should simply take it to some carpenter. Oh and I’m sure all the guys who were sitting outside the Hardware store where I bought the paint and brush couldn’t figure what a girly girl like me was doing there in the first place. My lace dress and styled up hair must have made me look more misplaced.

Most of all, this feels like the beginning of something new and exciting. An adventure that will have me thrilled. I know this because the entire time I was painting, God was there with me. He understands why it’s a big deal for me and how this is a project for both of us.


He’s delighted with the little things I do and enjoys doing these things with me. He totally gets me and loves seeing me going through processes like this; watching me grow. He shares in my joy and at times He’s even more excited about them than I am.


God’s not only interested in the spiritual looking things; He’s captivated by every single thing about me because I am His.