It’s the Little Things

It’s past midnight but I’m bubbling with excitement! I’ve just finished repainting my seat and it feels great. Not just because it’s something I’ve been planning to do for weeks but also because it brought such a feeling of accomplishment that I can’t even explain.

I really wanted to share that moment with someone but I realised the futility of that desire; most people won’t get it.

My neighbour has no idea why I’d think of painting my own furniture, his advice was that I should simply take it to some carpenter. Oh and I’m sure all the guys who were sitting outside the Hardware store where I bought the paint and brush couldn’t figure what a girly girl like me was doing there in the first place. My lace dress and styled up hair must have made me look more misplaced.

Most of all, this feels like the beginning of something new and exciting. An adventure that will have me thrilled. I know this because the entire time I was painting, God was there with me. He understands why it’s a big deal for me and how this is a project for both of us.


He’s delighted with the little things I do and enjoys doing these things with me. He totally gets me and loves seeing me going through processes like this; watching me grow. He shares in my joy and at times He’s even more excited about them than I am.


God’s not only interested in the spiritual looking things; He’s captivated by every single thing about me because I am His.


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