Who are you?

I am here sitting in a car and for some reason I started thinking about you. I know how abstract you seem right now but I can’t help wondering.

Are you a writer who will captivate me with what your pen spews or simply a wordsmith who will have me glued? At times I suspect you are an artiste; wouldn’t it be beautiful listening to your voice emitting melodies.

I still wonder if you’re an intellectual, your mind would be something I’d enjoy picking and I’d be fascinated by the way you’ll be connecting with mine.

Perchance you’re an avid reader who will impress me by the knowledge you’ve garnered. We’ll have fun exchanging information and inspiring each other.

You might come already refined or still in the process. However, if you come in need of a lot of moulding, God will give me wisdom to know my role in helping you become who you really ought to be.

I am still not sure if you’re Kenyan or the foreign guy I’ve been not-so-secretly hoping for. You could be Zambian or Mozambican or if by whatever chance you turn out to be the Black Brit or simply with the British accent; I definitely wouldn’t mind.

All in all, I know you’ll truly love God and have a relationship with Him. You’ll be wise and a leader in whatever capacity. You’ll be good; not because of the traits you carry but because of who is inside of you. As long as God’s in you and you in Him, you’ll be everything I need.


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