The Wandering Quiet-Timer

If you are anything like me, then Quiet Time (QT) isn’t always easy and neither does it happen naturally. That discipline of setting aside some time daily just to spend with God is one that wasn’t wired in me.

Tonight, I needed to have my QT but boy oh boy! It started with postponing the time then using the excuse that I really needed to talk to some dear ladies before I could sit down and focus. 2 hours later, I was in bed sleepy but because I hadn’t done my bible reading, I forced myself to do so.

After that, it started going south at a very fast pace. I sat up and started staring at anything while trying to figure out how to start praying. I tried closing my eyes to focus but sleep started creeping in.

Music playing in the background became a distraction. I managed to start uttering some words when suddenly I had this brilliant idea to write this post. The more I tried praying, the more I got distracted by great inspiration on the exact words to use. But I still kept praying.

Suddenly my head and neck decided to boycott my QT as well. My neck started straining under the weight of my head. This I’m sure was a deliberate action by my head so that I’d get a good excuse to lay it down on the pillow. After battling distractions from ideas for this post and the temptation to relieve my neck by lying down; I finally yielded.

So now I’m lying in bed and busy typing this post. My eyes are heavy and my eyelids have this attraction to each other. Bottom line is; this was a bad idea.

A few tips I’ve learnt: during QT, set a specific time and stick to it. Pick a venue where distractions will be minimal. Don’t allocate time when you’ll probably be too tired to finish. Worship music helps set the mood and keep your mind focused.

Most of all, ask God for help. He is excited about spending time with you and will gladly assist you. Instead of focusing on forcing yourself to be disciplined to have QT consistently, ask God for a desire and a great hunger for Him; desire will motivate you even where discipline fails. Enjoy it, don’t make it a mere routine. Turn it into a daily date with your King, your Lover, your Father and your friend. Ask Him to make it adventurous and you’ll truly delight in every minute spent with Him!


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