Who am I?

Previously, I was busy building castles in the air around your identity but I have to say that before your identity becomes a thing to fathom, I must understand me first.
You see, for two people to come together, each must be a complete entity with a figured out identity (or at least partial knowledge of the identity). I have to know who I am before I can let you discover the same. If I don’t, then I’ll drag you through a roller coaster that will leave you confused and it won’t be fair on you.
Moreover, my Daddy (God) would want me to first figure out who I am in Him because that simply reveals what I need to know about myself.
I can easily lose myself in you as I get carried away by everything you’ll be and in my pursuit to be a suitable helpmeet, forget about who I am. So you see, this in our best interest.

I’m just from trying to explain who I am on my instagram bio and after failing to come up with the most suitable description, I simply copy-pasted what is written on my Facebook account (not exactly the best move for a lover of words).
Here’s what I found summarised:
Daughter of the most High King of kings… Lover of life, colour, beauty
and everything nice… Warrior Princess and bride… Gentle lady, tenacious woman… Loved by the King, adored by His Son… Redeemed.

That should make it fairly easy for you (wink)… Lol, I’m kidding! I’m wonderfully complex as you’ll discover (psalm 139:14 backs me on that one). I’ll be easy to learn but still mysterious; you’ll have the rest of your life to figure that out.
Most of all, we share a Father who’ll gladly teach you about me as you ask Him. I’m His precious jewel, still getting refined. Currently, I’m lost in His love but if you seek Him, you’ll find me.

Lotsa love from me to you!


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