Presumably Wrong

A few minutes ago I walked out to go buy food from a Supermarket around. When I arrived there I found a certain lady was the one serving the meals. You see, I’d met this lady before and I wasn’t too excited to see her again. Our encounter had to do with me buying pilau and asking for plenty of meat as I’m used to but she curtly refused. I was 100% sure the same would happen today.

She went ahead to gladly serve a guy who’d come after me and I wasn’t amused. I figured she was being nice since he was a guy (a good looking one) and I was standing there waiting for the worst service. Surprisingly, she was courteous and even served me enough meat. I was embarrassed for judging her too harshly and a tad too soon.

On my way back, I was hesitant to use the same route I’d used earlier since it has a lot of men. I was sure they’d see me and retort “girls these days!” or something about how these days ladies are lazy or are too independent to be homemakers. How they’d look at me with contempt in their eyes and place labels on me.

I thought of how I could explain to them how I usually love cooking and even comment on how many people I even invite for meals. How I look forward to my own home where I’d enjoy cooking for my family. Most of all, how I actually ran out of gas and had no option but to get takeout. Lack of gas was the main reason I was out looking for food.

Then I remembered that I don’t owe them an explanation because they have no business prying into my own affairs. The same way they had no right to judge me; I had none, in judging the lady who served me.

How many times do we look at people and make assumptions? We uphold stereotypes and quickly make conclusions. Do you ever think about those people and the reasons why they are or act the way they are?

Try extend a little grace and a little love. Choose to think the best of people and most of all, simply mind your own business and let others be.

Lotsa love from me to you!


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