The Beautiful Rot

There are two types of beautiful rots, both have beauty and both have rot. They may sound similar but I promise you they’re quite different.
The first beautiful rot appears lovely on the first instance. You see how nice it looks on the outside and might even get captivated by it. Most people prefer it because it’s pleasing to the eyes. But underneath the surface lies an unbelievable rot. You can’t see it yet it exists. Maybe when you get close enough, your nose will first detect it but your eyes will disagree. It’s just a matter of time and that which was appealing to you becomes appalling.

The second beautiful rot is one most people shun. When you see it, you’d be quick to turn away because of how it looks. It is definitely not pleasing to the eyes and your nose might agree. It stays neglected by most and is bound by loneliness. It knows no real love because no one wanted it. However, on the inside it is blossoming. The beauty starts on the inside but can’t be seen. Like the first, it’s also going to be unveiled in a while. Only those who are very patient and keen enough to notice the beauty hidden within will appreciate it.

Two beautiful rots, one nasty one nice. In just a little while the world will know the truth and see the genuine beauty and the hidden rot.

Two beautiful rots, which one are you?

Lotsa love from me to you!


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