Disobedience Costs

Today I had an interesting encounter and not exactly in a good way. I managed to wake up earlier than most days to spend time with God. Yesterday the same happened but immediately after that session with God, I went straight to bed and overslept until I almost missed my transport! So today, I resisted waking up because I told God it looked like it was doing more harm than good but I got up eventually.

After a beautiful session in God’s presence, I didn’t feel as sleepy as yesterday so I knew I could start my day. I felt a strong conviction to immediately start cleaning the house and get busy. I was happy about the prospect of a very productive morning… but I somehow found myself back in bed trying to convince myself that I’d just wait for a certain teaching on radio then get working. Bad idea!

The whole time I’d feel the Holy Spirit nudging me to do the right thing. I could tell it was outright disobedience but I went ahead. Long story short, I more than overslept. By the time I woke up, my tummy was feeling upset and that’s how I decided I couldn’t handle classes. So I missed classes that are compulsory and wasted most of the day. Had I obeyed, I’d have had a very productive day and I’d have been in school by the time the tummy issue started which would mean I’d have persevered then been okay. You don’t want to know the guilt and shame that’s been hovering around me all day.

It reminded me of King David and how he was at home while his army was out fighting during the season where kings were out at war. One act of disobedience caused him to be at the wrong place which led to exposure to temptation that he yielded to and which was further disobedience to the commands of God. Eventually, Bathsheba got pregnant and to cover the whole scenario, David had her husband killed at war.

You’d think the consequences of his disobedience ended with the guilt he felt or with his genuine repentance or after God’s punishment of taking the son they got with Bathsheba… but it went further. His son Amnon, ended up raping his sister Tamar then Tamar’s brother Absalom eventually killed Amnon.

Disobedience truly costs; it might be one insignificant consequence that you won’t even notice or one that follows you for years. When God asks you to do something, He knows it’s for your good and has your best interest at heart. You’re safe trusting Him and obeying what He says. Obedience is a sign of a surrendered heart and of faith in God. Allow Him to teach you day by day how to walk in total obedience. When you fall, His grace is sufficient but don’t abuse it by deliberately disobeying knowing that His mercy is new every morning.

Lotsa love from me to you!


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