Do you know your Daddy?

There’s an interesting story in Joshua 15 that you can easily miss or dismiss because the entire story is in 4 verses. Here we meet a lady named Acsah who is the daughter of Caleb.

I found such an enviable father-daughter relationship between those two. Caleb must have deeply loved her and she knew it very well. Her daddy decided that she wasn’t going to marry any Tom, Dick and Harry; he offered her to the man who would conquer a certain great city. So she ended up with the bravest guy who had strength and plenty of wisdom because he became the first judge of Israel.

After marriage, she asked Othniel, her hubby, to request her daddy for land. They got the land but it was kinda dry so she opted to go a step further and head back home to ask daddy for some water wells. Of course her daddy gave her what she wanted.

Here she was married to a brave and wise man who still wasn’t able to go ask Caleb for these things, but she could. It takes a daughter who knows she is loved and is very secure in that love, to approach her daddy confidently for anything.

We already have a Heavenly Daddy who tells us we can approach His throne boldly, He tells us to ask for anything in His name, He promises He’s with us always and has assured us of a love that’s beyond anything we can imagine.

But do you really know your Daddy? Do you understand how crazy He is about you? How He keenly watches every detail of your life and has planned everything beautifully to work for your good as you walk with Him?  Do you know what it’s like not to worry because your Daddy handles all your affairs?

Lotsa love from me to you!


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