Miracles in the Ordinary

Today was the day I was picking up the pieces of my life and taking back my house. Order was going to be restored and so was normalcy. The past week had pretty much disoriented a lot of things. Being unwell and spending most of the time sleeping changed quite a number of things.

I woke up determined to start with cleaning my house because it was an absolute mess. There was a mountain of laundry to fold that daunted me and the dishes in the sink didn’t make it any easier. Cleaning ended up being an on and off affair with plenty of sleep in between. By evening I was discouraged and hope faded.

Well, it’s amazing how God turned things around. I finished cleaning, folded and hanged all my clothes, washed the dishes, made some very good supper for my neighbour and I plus miraculously washed the dishes left at almost midnight!

Most people would sneer and shake their head after hearing that. All that stuff is pretty mundane to them since they do them effortlessly every single day. They are ordinary things that every lady is expected to be good at.

However, something that ordinary at times is a feat for me. While discipline came naturally for some people, it takes plenty of effort for me. This would leave me broken several times until tonight when I heard Beth Moore teach something interesting.

She mentioned how at times, things happen that for others, they’re ordinary things they’re used to but for us they’re nothing short of a miracle. For those who experience the miracle, they wouldn’t have it any other way! Yes the process is never easy and the waiting and hoping becomes really hard but in the end, the miracle is worth it.

For a parent with an autistic child, the words ‘Daddy’ or ‘mommy’ said by a 4 year old for the first time, is a miracle. For other parents, those words are said countless times until they barely notice. Discipline is natural for others, for me it’s evidence of how far God can bring a person. I’m not where I ought to be but each day is a reminder that I should appreciate every little progress.

What about you? What seemingly ordinary thing is your miracle? Start seeing God in the every day and even in the waiting for that miracle.

Lotsa love from me to you!


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