Worth Fighting For

I have a certain song on replay as I write this, it’s a song I downloaded because that’s what my devotional told us to do. I hadn’t really listened to it until now and wow, I’m blown away.

You see, tonight has been rough for me. I was feeling quite beaten and defeated. I decided to watch some messages on YouTube hoping God would just speak through them because I didn’t even feel like having my usual time with God. Those videos triggered something in me and at some point I stopped to cry.

I felt like I might never get up from my current situation. I’d tried and somehow, despite the steps I’d take forward, I’d find myself right at square one. God then reminded me something He’d shown me a little earlier; how I had come to believe that I had nothing worth giving. I honestly had gotten to a point where I believed I wasn’t good enough to even contribute anything especially intellectually.

The crying stopped as I found a video on renewing my mind. That was exactly what God was trying to show me; the battle has to be won in my mind. So I had to start believing what He says about me and remember who I am.

At that very moment, my baby girl texts me telling me how amazing and intelligent I was, how she and God were cheering me on plus several other things. Oh you should have seen how I completely broke down! I cried and cried. God had gone beyond speaking through the ladies on YouTube and had used someone I cherish. After conversation with her, I felt quite reinvigorated.

It was a moment of the sleeping giant waking up; the fallen warrior getting up and dusting herself. To crown it all, this song just sealed it all. So I’ll leave you with part of the lyrics of Worth Fighting for by Brian Courtney Wilson:

You met me deep in my despair to show me You
would never leave me there. You claimed
because I was made for so much more.
I am Your child and I’m worth fighting for.
Though heavy with the weight of my mistakes,
You carried me and refused to let me sink under the pressure.
You meant for me to soar. I am Your child
and I’m worth fighting for. Eyes haven’t seen.
Ears haven’t heard all You have planned
for me and nothing can separate me from
Your love when there’s so much
more still worth fighting for.


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