The Sin Cycle

You’re busy going about life or maybe idling around, then a thought appears somewhere in the vicinity of your mind. You’re not bothered at all. Then it pops back again and you dismiss it because being the good Christian that you are, you don’t entertain sin. The thing comes again, oh the persistence it has! This time round you probably rebuke it.

Relentless is its second name and though you laugh at the absurdity of falling into such sin, it gnaws at your mind. You’re confident, I mean, you were not born again yesterday so you’ve overcome such sin countless times. What you don’t realise is that the thought began taking roots. You converse with it and after a while, it becomes too much. That’s when you yield. Turns out you weren’t as strong as you thought.

Almost immediately, the guilt sets in and condemnation pounds at you so hard! How could you? You knew better and you’ve been here before. Hadn’t you learnt enough or grown resistant? Then you remember God, the shame won’t let you even think about a conversation with Him. I mean, He’d warned you and probably provided a way out.

If you’re like me, after beating yourself up, you look for distractions. Anything that will help you run away from the war in your head and the shame. You either get very busy doing things or look for something to make you feel good, could be something you love eating. You want to drown out the voices so loud music or getting lost in movies or series becomes a good option. Going to hang out with people also helps; whatever it takes to keep the thoughts at bay.

You see, I can talk about this for ages; you know how that cycle goes. It costs you a lot and keeps you away from God. However, it doesn’t have to be so.

Does God condone sin? Absolutely not! Is He outraged by what you did and needs a while before He can process what you just did? Not at all. You see, sin must be punished but God already knew every single time you’d mess up, long before you were born. He’s not surprised by your sin because He accounted for it when He pinned all our sins on Jesus at the cross.

It’s not an easy thing to take in because we’re used to having quite some time to wallow in condemnation to make us feel as if the sin was purged or paid for. I’m not telling you to abuse grace and go sinning knowing you’re sorted.

What I want you to understand is that God doesn’t love you less when you sin. Your sin isn’t the end of the world, His mercies are new each morning so you have plenty to cover what you’ve done. Psalms 23:6 says goodness and mercy shall surely pursue you every day of your life; so mercy is busy chasing you down. Mercy is needed by people who’ve done something bad and don’t deserve to be forgiven. That makes you the perfect candidate.

Lotsa love from me to you!


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