The stone that brought Goliath down

The huge giant who taunted the entire army of Israel was brought down by a small stone; one insignificant stone brought down the unbeatable giant. Never underestimate the power of tiny things.

My morning wasn’t all too nice but it wasn’t that awful immediately I woke up. It began with a thought I’d easily dismiss or justify: I can’t believe I woke up this late! I got strung along and flowed with the next thought and the next one. Before I knew it, I was having something akin to an anxiety attack and had beaten myself down. All my mistakes resurrected and everything I was failing at was haunting me.

I couldn’t handle it, I was overwhelmed. Conversations with God went on but it was mostly me saying how badly I’d disappointed Him and had let people down. I told God I was going to go back to bed and watch whatever mini sermons I could get. I just wanted to hear something that would uplift me from the slump I’d gotten into.

The videos helped a bit then God used a small act to get me out. I was thirsty and that got me out of bed. While up, I figured I’d check something in the kitchen. In the kitchen God nudged me to clean the dishes that were intimidating me. This whole time I was freaking out and sure I’d be too late for class. After the dishes and breakfast, God used the next small thing: if He helped me get something to wear quite fast then I’d go shower. I ended up doing one small bit at a time until I accomplished everything and made it to school albeit late.

You see, it’s the small things left unchecked that brings us down. The bad habit which looks harmless, the procrastination, the compromise that doesn’t look serious, the little lies you tell that you justify easily and the forgiveness you’ve been holding back which is slowly growing into bitterness.

Eventually, when everything gets out of hand and it appears too great for you to handle; remember that the same way it all built up slowly starting with one tiny thing is the same way you’ll bring it down beginning with one little step.


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