The Unexplainable


Have you ever had something happen or fail to happen that left you wondering where God was? You probably trusted God for something then somehow it didn’t happen or it’s been months/years and you’re yet to see it. Alternatively, you’ve been believing in God but something really bad happened and you don’t understand how God allowed it.

I have had more of those than I’d care to admit. Right now as I write this, there’s something I was waiting on God for which I needed today but I haven’t gotten it. I’d need a miracle for this one because if God doesn’t come through, my life would be altered significantly for like a year or two.

Then there’s the health issue or should I say issues that I’ve been trusting God to heal for years. I figured He’d work through medicine and I was on medication for the longest time. After reading the bible and seeing people’s radical faith plus all the promises God has for healing; I upped my faith and believed that His promises are true. Well, somehow I got back to hospitals and medication and it felt like I was back to square one. Today I’ve been indoors all day and I wonder when all this will end. I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy going back to medication because it seemed as though God had failed to come through.

In all this, I’m reminded of the fact that God is good and He is love. His thoughts towards us are precious (psalm 139:17) plus He promises that everything works out for our good (Romans 8:28). Some things don’t make sense at all and it’s easy to lose hope or start doubting God. It seems easier to despair and grow a little distant from God when you can’t find answers for things you knew He had power to do or stop from happening. Or maybe you’ve been praying that He delivers you from a certain sin that you keep falling into or a bad habit that needs to stop. Somehow you keep ending up right there and you wonder if God truly answers prayer.

One thing I can guarantee you is that despair won’t solve things and not talking to God won’t help either. I’ve done that countless times and it’s always futile. So go ahead and ask God why; He’s not going to be mad at you for asking questions. If He answers, then well and good, if He doesn’t, then don’t worry, He’s probably teaching you how to trust in His goodness even when things don’t make sense.  Then ask that He’d help you believe and hope; He says He’s the God of all hope. Remember that in all this, His grace is still sufficient for you.

This reminds me of part of a song I like:

I don’t know how the story ends

But I’ll be alright ’cause You wrote it

I don’t know where the highway bends

But I’m doing just fine

‘Cause You’re in control

Even when I don’t know

Where my life’s gonna go

You’re keeping me guessing
(Francesca Battistelli- Keeping me guessing)