Sole Searching

You know how a man in love looks at the woman who takes his breath away? Well, that’s not something I can make you do. Nothing I try to do or say to make you look at me with pure adoration will work. Trust me, I fully comprehend the folly and futility of it all.

There are things that if you can’t see, you simply cannot see! So I will not keep pitching an entire presentation hoping you’ll see.
That’s the kind of thing that you should notice first; where I barely do anything except be myself, but it blows you away. If who I am hasn’t captivated you this far, then brother, it’s time for me to wake up. I am not it for you, which means you’re equally not it for me and I’m starting to accept that. It’s okay, I may not be what you’re looking for but that takes nothing away from my value. It simply allows me to bid adieu any unrealistic expectations I’d placed on you and makes me available to the one searching for me.

So my soles will hit the ground and move on as I go down the path where I’ll meet the soles wanting to meet me.


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