​Curtains fall. Well, there goes each of my expectations.

Yes, curtains fall, it was lovely while it lasted.

The bittersweet divorce is happening.

I should be heartbroken and probably devastated.

It hurts, that much I can say but a different kind of pain.

This isn’t tearing me apart, maybe because I’m getting closure.

Yeah, closure, that’s exactly what this is.

I’m kissing my expectations goodbye.
I’m not sure I’ll miss them. Let me simply be honest.

Sure, they carried me to places I’d never dreamed and made me experience emotions that are hard to explain.

I still won’t miss them; maybe because of how wounded they left me.
I dared to dream, dared to reach and the stars were close within. Came so close that I could touch, smell and see so well. However, that was just that; a dream.
Reality hit, oh it struck quite hard! Reality sucks. Now my castle in the air is merely air; nothing. I feel like I woke from deep slumber. The anticipointment is something I can’t describe. 
Letting go wasn’t easy, it still isn’t. Feels so close yet so far. Out of sight, out of mind they say. My panacea therein lies. So curtains drop, curtains drawn, here’s my new dawn.


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