Unmasked and Bare… still care?

This is what I want you to do:
Sit down slowly, take a nice deep breath and close your eyes. Now carefully take off your glasses then open your eyes and see. Take a look, a far closer look, get to really see. I want you to see that person for what they truly are and not through the lenses you picked.

Say hello to the real them, not the fantasy version you created. Can you see the imperfect smile? The laughter that ends in a snort? The blemishes on that skin? Have you noticed they’re wearing the same outfit for the umpteenth time?

Yes, welcome to reality. Ragged edges that cut, flaws that repeal, selfishness that’s unbelievable and a person that honestly annoys the hell out of you every so often.

Well, what do you think now? Anticipointment, right? How do you like them now without all the layers of expectations you’d placed? No longer seeing who you thought they were; potential, and finally seeing what exists; reality.

Are you willing to still stay? When Cinderella turns to ashes, would the adoration cease? Prince charming apparently was just the stables boy, do you still like him? Nothing fancy, just simply the unveiled mystery.

They say love isn’t the beautiful flames that burn passionately but the ashes left behind. So the question isn’t about how much you like them or what they do but, would you see all their flaws and believe you can handle them? Or at least try…


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