Guest Post: Beggar on the Street of Love

Today, a certain gentleman graces this page and boy does he have a way with words! His poetry easily ferries you to the places he creates quite so vividly. To those easily swooned, watch out, this will carry you away! I could say so much but let his pen tell you everything you need to know. 

Beggar on the street of love

On this shores of life
I thought I had you
I, thought I felt the rigidity of your digits on mine
But when Hope escaped, I felt the coldness of your embrace
I thought I saw you chasing my heart
But why do I see footprints in front of you?
Foot prints that has taken the sand of time to fill
I thought I had your smile
But the disappearing sun smiles colorful too.
I thought I heard your voice
But all were echoes of my thoughts.
I thought I had you, because I swear you had me
Because one thing I could not live without…….

Yes I could not buy gifts
But what do you give the morning sun that turns dew into sumptuous diamonds?
On the river of my soul a rose of love had blossomed into beautiful petal,
A flower that I had intended to nurture until it escape my grave one day.
And so on the corner of our love I waited
A beggar with closed shoes but with an open heart
A beggar with sight but in a dark world
A beggar of love that once filled the bowl of his heart.
But men deposited coins that is how they know love best.
The crescent moon smiled at me with scorn
The sun stared at me with resentment
Rain tried to erode my tears away
But I stayed.
Because one thing I could not live without…….

But soon my songs of lamentation turned into joyous rhythms
Stiffness of my anger acquired a guitar of forgiveness
My wait turned into making memories
Our love turned into a monument
That is vague as any legend.
Today the rose has climbed the wall of depression, to embrace a new morning.
Because one thing I can live with is… no one can love you like I did
PS: Find more of this directly from the source 🙂


5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Beggar on the Street of Love

  1. Love…love…love…we definitely cannot live without love. The poem says it all…a job well done. Thank you for sharing the poem…👍. Keep up the good work WildWhistles…👌.


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