Journey Back to Me

I’m trying to trace the way to the loo according to the directions I was given. I meet the calf again and it’s staring at me. Being the girl I am, I’m tempted to go all “awww such a cute little thing” but I pass by simply admiring its black and white hide. Maybe I hoped it would flash a smile or wink at me like the dog in the previous homestead. No, I wasn’t seeing my own things, that dog winked at me! Well maybe it was warding off some fly from its eye.
I walk on and realise the path to that toilet feels like one of those escapades knights or princes take while saving those girls trapped in towers. It’s a narrow path  with towering stinging nettles all over. I get to the wooden structure and can’t figure out a way to close the door. I’m holding my breath and hoping the pieces of wood acting as a floor wouldn’t give way. The hole underneath is like a million feet deep and I’ve heard too many stories of people dying after toilets collapse.
I make it out alive and head back to the kitchen. I finally discovered why people here have such good skins. Those kitchens are perfect saunas! The heat is enough to open your pores and the cold outside completes the cycle. I’ve had more than enough tea today; it’s the accepted way to welcome guests. This act of love is something I’m starting to enjoy; so tea=love, that’s the equation.
Yeah I’m among the millions who travelled upcountry for Christmas. This for me has been a journey of finding myself. No, I’m not some spoilt city girl or one of those brats who only go home once a century to collect enough photos for instagram while exclaiming enough “OMGs”.
I’ve been trying to piece up things. This whole feeling of not belonging has been hanging like a cloud around me. I always felt like I never really fit in anywhere. It wasn’t because I was from two different ethnic backgrounds. It had to do with practically everything. 
Somehow, this trip has been very significant. All through the journey, God kept reminding me that this is my land, these are my people and I belong here. There has been a lot of emphasis on the value of family. We are not supposed to walk alone. God intended that we all have places where we belong and where we find love and acceptance. Sadly, that’s not always the case. 
Maybe it’s the reason why God has been keen on reconciling me to my people. It’s the reason why I feel this peace and like my heart is at home. I’m rediscovering love in ways I hadn’t noticed before and joy in being with people. This has been beautiful and I can’t wait to bring my friends to see this place. Not only for the breathtaking landscapes but the wonderful people.


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