Seeing it

​Last night we talked about the state I was in. Today didn’t start any better. I woke up feeling lethargic and sincerely tired emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, you name it. At least I succeeded in downloading my devotion for this month. The first thing I read was the necessity of finding time to plan and write. Eventually, I got to doing that.
What sparked this was a TED Talk I watched on the importance of drawing your life. You don’t even need to be an artist to do this- just a simple illustration of where you currently are and where you’d want to be. Of course in between will be the steps you require to get there. The points given in this particular case were: See it, Believe it, Act on it.
Let’s face it, success is never accidental. If you’re going to succeed in anything, you need to plan for it. However, before all this, the first step is to visualize. That for me has been my Achilles heel. I don’t know when I stopped dreaming but that sure was where I began losing it. I remember one time telling myself how I’d be the first female Secretary General of the UN; sigh, I think I allowed reality to block that one. Reality told me how I was too young and by the time I was old enough to qualify, we’d already have had several female Secretary Generals. 
Envisioning things is such a crucial thing because it allows your mind to grasp the concept and believe it’s possible. Sadly, we don’t do too much of that these days. Visualizing became dismissed as fantasies or chasing unrealistic dreams. People got discouraged and stopped. We became part of a system that was already set for us and we joined in without disputing. Read, read some more, get a job, get promotions, obey your boss, work some more, save or get a good pension scheme then retire.
Today, I dare you to dream again or if you have dreams then make them bigger. It doesn’t hurt to aim for the stars, you might just reach there, and if you don’t, you’ll land on the moon or some planetoid. Start by seeing where you’d want to be. No, don’t let current reality paralyse that dreaming process. Ask yourself if all factors aligned and God made the impossible possible; what would you want out of this life? Allow your mind to imagine whatever it can. 
Then with that picture or pictures in mind, keep seeing it. Let it inspire you and allow it to be a motivation. A vision creates hope. Life without hope is meaningless and dead. Go ahead and dare to hope. Involve God in this. He’s the One who created those desires and will help you sift your desires until you know what’s good and what’s plain selfish and vain.
All in all, don’t you stop dreaming and envisioning.


One thought on “Seeing it

  1. Thank you for the encouragement. I agree that hope is an important component as far as dreaming and envisioning are concerned. I therefore dare to dream and take action to actualize my dreams.


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