Comfort Zones

​This little thing called the comfort zone.It is a lovely warm place where life is almost predictable and dissonance rarely occurs. Things are done in a certain way and viewed in a similar manner. However, it also is the place where dreams die a slow death, courage fades and mediocrity is embraced bit by bit.
That was the story of most of my 2016- I was very comfortable and pretty complacent. Life wasn’t perfect but it was good. All this until 2017 happened; this year refused to come sneaking in and nicely fitting in the pattern already established by the previous year. 2017 came like a charging bull and it thrust me right out of my zone! 
The fast pace was set on the very eve of the new year. While everyone was busy enjoying their holidays, I was equally busy moving and caught up in the entire hustle that came with it. The new year found me in a new unfamiliar environment that was completely different from the set up I’d been used to. 
I figured I’d slide back to my zone in the days that followed. I would stop and bring everything to perfect stillness until I was able to manage things the way I always do. Let’s just say, that never happened; the opportunity was snatched from me over and over. There was no going back to life as usual.
Two things stood out; first, an opportunity I’d gotten and secondly, a hairstyle (yeah, you heard me right). The opportunity was something I was grateful for but wasn’t ready for. I decided to give myself ample time to prepare before I showed up. Well, that didn’t work out because I was informed I’d have to take it up way sooner than I’d planned. So now I had to rush with my preparations; pushed myself, those around me and even people I needed services from. Fast pace back, comfort zone out.
About the hair… hmmm. Long story short, in an attempt to get something similar to what I’ve done before, I ended up with something I’ve not done before. With all the bashing black ladies receive for looking like they are copying magazines, I unknowingly stepped right into their class. This was way outside my comfort zone and I definitely did not want to attract the attention. I had to make a choice: attempt to hide more during the period I’d have this hair or embrace it and rock it proudly. Life is too short to carry regrets, so I’m confidently taking this up. For the kick of it I may as well adopt the whole Barbie look and get myself some fake lashes, tattoo my eyebrows and stick on some nails. I should probably pick up the British accent I’ve always wanted while we’re at it, Lol.
The point is, remaining in comfort zones never helped anyone grow. We can either voluntarily take a bold step and go into the unfamiliar or wait until something kicks us out. Yes taking risks isn’t easy and there’s no guarantee you’ll succeed but if you don’t, you’ll never know the possibilities. It probably will be uncomfortable and will challenge what you thought you were able or unable to do. You most likely will fail one or two times but you’ll have learnt essential lessons on how to succeed. 
So yes, go take up that opportunity that scares you, buy the outfit you like but aren’t sure if it will look nice, start doing that writing you desire to do, step into the limelight and do your thing. Whatever your case, stop holding on to the familiar and dare to try something new. 
There is freedom waiting for you,

On the breezes of the sky,

And you ask “What if I fall?”

Oh but my darling,

What if you fly?
(Erin Hanson)


2 thoughts on “Comfort Zones

  1. Thank you for your like on my comment on Beauty Beyond Bones. I love what you’ve written about comfort zones. I’m a teacher and teacher trainer, and what I always tell my students and teachers is, ‘Ah..but what if you fly??’

    And in Jesus everything is ours. EVERYTHING! And fly we will, but the great, loving, grace of our wonderful Dad.

    Many blessings over your life and walk with Him.


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