Trust That Let’s Go

Cut God some slack and just trust Him. No, not the trust we say in words but really truly allowing Him to take charge. The kind of trust that leaves things in God’s hands and doesn’t go back to keep taking them back while trying to find options. Simply purely letting God do whatever He pleases with the situation.

You see, the idea of leaving God in charge, for most of us translates to several things, none of which sounds exciting. It usually feels like the outcome will not be as expected because we’ve heard several stories of people who trusted God, and Oh inasmuch as things didn’t turn out as expected, they thank God because He was teaching them something. A good example would be with regards to marriage, where trusting God for a partner, leaves us cringing because somehow, the person God would bring would look nothing like you expected but apparently He was teaching you how not to judge by outward appearance. Y’all know these stories.

Trusting God has been equated with giving up all your desires and expecting whatever God will bring, which mostly is lousier than we wanted, but Oh well, ain’t God good all the time? When did we start believing the lie that God is a mean-ish guy who is opposed to our desires and will give us only what He deems better for us especially if it’s something a little disappointing? So yes, our desires can be flimsy at times and even selfish, but don’t we trust that God is able to help us align our desires rightly? Doesn’t the Bible tell us to delight in the LORD and He will give us the desires of our hearts?

We need to remember that God is a super loving God and the most wonderful Father. He does love us and wants the best for us. Many of the desires His children have (if you’re walking with Him), are usually placed in us by Him. Isn’t He the One who created us as we are?

I was reminded of this a few minutes ago as I went to wash my dish after lunch. It dawned on me just how much I love my work place. It has such a homely feel, and not merely because it’s in an estate with a house set-up. I love how my boss decided lunch is to be taken together on a table set at the back. I love how I feel very relaxed while here. I love that I got an office upstairs away from my colleagues (not that I am running away from them). I really like how my boss teaches me as a father does; he trains properly! I like my colleagues and how we work. I actually have come to love weekdays here more than weekends (and yes, I still have a life).

You know the funniest thing is that God picked this place for me; I had no idea it existed and had absolutely no plans to work here. Somehow God turned things around. I showed up not knowing if I was going for an appointment or interview. It happened to be an interview that felt nothing like your normal interview. Before I could process what was going on, I was told I had a job. Since then, I find myself falling in love with this place with each passing day.

So you see, God actually understands us better than we know ourselves. He knows everything we like and loves seeing us excited about these things. Instead of trying to hold tightly to the plans you have, learn something about surrendering those plans and committing things to God. Trust Him and watch the unfolding of a beautiful story.


The Valentine’s Post

It’s Valentine’s so of course I was going to write (chuckles). I’m in a really good mood, that’s if you haven’t noticed the giggles. You should see me smiling uncontrollably. And no, I’m not on a date or reading some sweet sentimental text or eating chocolates I was sent. I’m just in an unexplainably happy mood.

See today was a pretty normal day for me. I had things at work that I couldn’t wait to finish because they were too much pressure. I didn’t even buy takeout for lunch, I ate the most plain homemade food. In between all that, I was dealing with some health issue.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been planning to wake up earlier for some time but never succeeded until today. Maybe the session I had pouring my heart before God last night worked wonders. Probably it’s all the laughing I was doing my entire ride home; genuine laughter that made me tear up (I’m sure people around me in the bus were wondering what was wrong with me. Perchance they didn’t notice or couldn’t care less). 

I have a theory that trumps all the above: maybe it’s because I’m loved. Insanely and unconditionally loved. This is probably the first Valentine’s where I’m this secure in love. No guy hovering around getting me excited and no vacuum or loneliness. Simply secure in the thought that I’m deeply loved and that it’s not a concept in my head. It’s been proven over and over again in the recent past.

It would be easy to become indifferent and dismiss this as an overly commercialized day (which it actually is). However, I refuse to allow my heart to harden. In fact, just for kicks, I did something I’d chastise you for if you tried the same: watched a lovely Hallmark movie while in the office.

No, I wasn’t sitting there reminiscing or thinking of how I missed being in a relationship. Neither was I there feeling lonely and sad. I enjoyed the movie thoroughly for what it was: a beautiful love story, the way Hollywood perceives it. 

A friend challenged me today to do something different and step out of the norm even for 5 minutes. Well, I’m still thinking of what to do but aware that today, I’ve done several things that made me happy. I’m grateful that he helped me snap out of my indifference.

So now, I’ll go back to savouring the little salon escapade I’m having since I decided to take my hair out for a special treat. I’m doing this because when my hair feels good, I feel spectacular and I’m all about feeling all sorts of special today (and the rest of the year). 

A very Happy Valentine’s to each of you! Passing my love to you today.

Satisfying Love

I picked up a lesson that had me doing some reflection. There’s a verse every single person probably knows of by now if you’ve been anywhere around church or a christian set up or camp/seminar/conference. The one quoted in Songs of Solomon a whole 3 times: Do not awaken love until you can satisfy it.

Most times we were told this with regards to the warning that you shouldn’t awaken love until the time was right. This of course is loaded with plenty of wisdom. Starting to love when you’re not ready for the responsibilities that love holds is usually a bad idea.

However, today I focus on an angle I hadn’t seen before: satisfaction of love. I think it’s prudent to begin by understanding the definition of satisfy: To fulfill the need, desire, or expectation of.

Placed in context, the verses in Songs of Solomon simply state that you should not awaken love until you can fulfill the needs, desires and expectations of love. From this point onward, it’s only befitting that we interrogate some of those needs desires and expectations.Let’s be selfish for a minute and look at love from our point of view, and no, we’re not considering agape or philia love.

Love needs to be fed and given attention for it to grow, love needs to be requited. Love expects that if it gives, it shall receive. Love needs to feel secure for it to flourish, it wants to feel safe. It expects that the other person will have their best interests at heart. It desires to trust fully. Love desires to be exalted and feel special, not to be in competition with others. Love needs to be exclusive.

This list is not exhaustive, love has countless demands and desires based on the people involved and their needs. The point is, when you’re awakening your love, when you’re growing that crush, when you’re entertaining your feelings towards someone; are you thinking about your heart, your love? Will this person that you can’t wait to give your love to, satisfy your love?

Ask yourself these questions and more. Will they make your love feel secure? Will they give your love the exclusivity it needs? Are they too distracted to satisfy your love? Are they too broken to give your love what it needs? (It’s okay to allow broken people to heal without you giving them the pressure to meet your needs).

Of course we know love does not happen overnight and you’ll not find someone already holding everything your love needs at first sight. But, find someone who is willing to be committed to walk the journey of satisfying your love as you reciprocate the same. That genuine willingness to commit is essential.

Bottom line is, your love has needs, desires and expectations; so don’t go flinging it to every other person. Let your love rest and when it can be satisfied, then awaken it. In the mean time, feel free to enjoy and exercise agape and philia love; soak in it and spread the same.