(Stumbled upon this piece written quite a while back)

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered what on earth you saw in them? Looks aside; I mean who they really are.

When their presence no longer elicits joy but they become more of an irritant. When the things that captivated you are no longer enough to mask the things you can’t stand. When staring at them brings to life all the regrets and disappointments.

When friends become acquaintances and lovers become strangers. When loud silence is all that exists in your encounters; encounters filled with enough awkwardness to resuscitate the Dead sea. When people who spent hours together suddenly can’t last minutes around each other.

Wounds keep getting deeper with each interaction. Bitterness grows. Contempt becomes the new norm. Arrows are shot frequently in defence and offence. Words thrown around carelessly. Bragging about new conquests is done often enough to make a point.

Time together leaves you with a bitter taste. Regrets always follow interactions. You can’t comprehend why you keep them in your life but for some reason are unable to cut them off completely.

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered?



High and low,

They come and go.


Two steps forward,

Heavy feet dragged,

Three more steps covered,

Alas I see the light,

Tunnel’s edge comes to sight,

Freedom at last.


Liberty is beautiful,

Fresh air, clear skies,

Have you seen how the sun shines?

Without ’em shackles,

Everything looks brighter,

Life’s much greater.


Oh shucks!

Slowly it calls,

Gently it tugs,

I can feel it happen.

I run, I cry, I can’t hide.


I’m pulled back,

I can’t believe this,

I was free as a bird,

I felt the chains fall,

I was certain this was it.


Oh I loathe them,

The tides that allow me,

Forward to move,

Only to retract;

False sense of liberation.


I’m caught up,

In these tides,

All I can do,

Is for mercy beg,

Please let me go;

This time round,

Never to return.

Emergency 36:26

My stony heart,
This rock you took,
Open heart surgery,
Alas you made it flesh.

This fleshy heart of mine,
Flesh cools, freezes, hardens,
Little by little, before I know it,
Flesh no more.

This rocky fleshy heart,
Resuscitation it needs,
Still the cardiologist you are,
Ezekiel Thirty Six Twenty Six again.

Your breath,
Breathe into this heart
And thaw, it shall
Warmth returns
Life renewed.

Beep... beep
Heart restored
Beep... beep

Guest Post: Beggar on the Street of Love

Today, a certain gentleman graces this page and boy does he have a way with words! His poetry easily ferries you to the places he creates quite so vividly. To those easily swooned, watch out, this will carry you away! I could say so much but let his pen tell you everything you need to know. 

Beggar on the street of love

On this shores of life
I thought I had you
I, thought I felt the rigidity of your digits on mine
But when Hope escaped, I felt the coldness of your embrace
I thought I saw you chasing my heart
But why do I see footprints in front of you?
Foot prints that has taken the sand of time to fill
I thought I had your smile
But the disappearing sun smiles colorful too.
I thought I heard your voice
But all were echoes of my thoughts.
I thought I had you, because I swear you had me
Because one thing I could not live without…….

Yes I could not buy gifts
But what do you give the morning sun that turns dew into sumptuous diamonds?
On the river of my soul a rose of love had blossomed into beautiful petal,
A flower that I had intended to nurture until it escape my grave one day.
And so on the corner of our love I waited
A beggar with closed shoes but with an open heart
A beggar with sight but in a dark world
A beggar of love that once filled the bowl of his heart.
But men deposited coins that is how they know love best.
The crescent moon smiled at me with scorn
The sun stared at me with resentment
Rain tried to erode my tears away
But I stayed.
Because one thing I could not live without…….

But soon my songs of lamentation turned into joyous rhythms
Stiffness of my anger acquired a guitar of forgiveness
My wait turned into making memories
Our love turned into a monument
That is vague as any legend.
Today the rose has climbed the wall of depression, to embrace a new morning.
Because one thing I can live with is… no one can love you like I did
PS: Find more of this directly from the source 🙂

Unmasked and Bare… still care?

This is what I want you to do:
Sit down slowly, take a nice deep breath and close your eyes. Now carefully take off your glasses then open your eyes and see. Take a look, a far closer look, get to really see. I want you to see that person for what they truly are and not through the lenses you picked.

Say hello to the real them, not the fantasy version you created. Can you see the imperfect smile? The laughter that ends in a snort? The blemishes on that skin? Have you noticed they’re wearing the same outfit for the umpteenth time?

Yes, welcome to reality. Ragged edges that cut, flaws that repeal, selfishness that’s unbelievable and a person that honestly annoys the hell out of you every so often.

Well, what do you think now? Anticipointment, right? How do you like them now without all the layers of expectations you’d placed? No longer seeing who you thought they were; potential, and finally seeing what exists; reality.

Are you willing to still stay? When Cinderella turns to ashes, would the adoration cease? Prince charming apparently was just the stables boy, do you still like him? Nothing fancy, just simply the unveiled mystery.

They say love isn’t the beautiful flames that burn passionately but the ashes left behind. So the question isn’t about how much you like them or what they do but, would you see all their flaws and believe you can handle them? Or at least try…